How to select a perfect Fitting Shoe


 shopping is a good way to get the most out of your shopping trip, but you can often save time and money by looking for new shoes online. To find the right shoe size for you, take your own measurements and compare them to the manufacturer's listed size information. If you know your foot's physical dimensions, you can find a shoe size that will fit comfortably.


           Checking Your Foot Shape and Size

1. Place a sheet of paper on a flat surface

Take a sheet of printer paper and place it on the floor or another flat surface. Check that your foot fits the paper setting. Otherwise, choose a larger sheet. Place the sheet of paper in a safe, indoor place where you cannot slip. [1]

To provide a firmer measuring surface, consider propping your printer paper  against the wall. [2]


2. Place your foot in the center of the paper

Take off your socks, stockings, or stockings, then place your feet on  the paper. Check to make sure your feet aren't pulling away from the page and that there's enough room to track around the perimeter. [3]


3. Mark around your foot with a pencil to create an accurate sketch

Try to keep your sketch as close to the edge of the foot as possible for the drawing to be accurate. If you find it difficult to track the entire foot circumference at once, try following each section. [4]

Consider asking a friend or family member for help  as they may be able to get a more accurate sketch.  Depending on your foot, your big toe could be your big toe, or it could be the toe right next to your big toe! Check your sketch to make sure it's correct before continuing.


4. Repeat this process to measure your opposite foot

Place a fresh sheet of paper  on a flat surface, then place your foot in the center of the paper. Again, use the pencil to trace around the circumference, keeping the sketch along the edge of your foot. Once you're done tracing, set the piece of paper aside  with your initial sketch.

Taking 2 measurements helps you to know if your shoe sizes are equal or out of proportion.


5. Measure the length of your sketch with a ruler

Center a ruler or  tape measure along the heel  of the drawing, making sure the measuring tool passes through the center of the sketch. Measure up to the tip of the big toe, then check  what the ruler or  tape measure indicates. Repeat this process with both sketches to get an accurate idea of ​​your shoe size. [5] 

It may be useful to record exact measurements on a separate sheet of paper.


6. Determine your shoe size by comparing measurements with the official listing

Do an  online search to find the correct shoe size chart for your country or region. Find your foot measurements on the chart to see what size group you are in. If your feet are 2 different sizes, be sure to compare both measurements with the chart. [6]


7. Check the diameter of the sketch to see if you have wide or narrow feet

Take a ruler or  tape measure and place it horizontally on your foot sketch. Align the measuring tool so that it extends to the 2 widest parts of your foot, this will give you a more accurate result. Record the exact measurements, then do an online search  to compare your results with the width size chart. [7]  The widest part of the foot is located just below the big toe and big toe.  The width of your feet is proportional to your overall height. For example, if your feet are  7 and 9.7 cm wide, you can classify them as wide. However, if your foot is a size 10,  your foot will be considered  average width.


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