Colour Combinations of Shirt with Pant in Men


There are many colours to choose from. If you are looking for a simple shirt then you can go with White or black. However, if you want to add depth to you outfit then try out other colours such as : 

White and Black


This is a classic combination that's great choice for formal ocassion, because it provides a sence of formality without being too formal.

On the other hands white shirts and black pants are ideal for casual ocassions like going out with Friends on Weekend's.


Blue and White


The colour combination of Blue and White is a classic one. It can be used in many different ways, depending on ocassions you are going to attend.

If you are planning to attend a formal event then it would look great with your suite or tuxedo. If however, it's summer time then this colour combination look perfect for an outdoor picnic and party.

Gray and Light green

  You can wear a gray and light green pants for casual ocassions. For ex - You can wear it when you go out to the Bar with Friend's or on a weekend trip. However, if you want to weaar this combinationfor an ocassion that is not too formal, then it's better to choose another colour combination such as pink and blue.


Blue and Black

  Black and Blue is a well known colour combination in the Fashion world. It looks good with both Casual and Formal wear, such as T-shirts, Button down shirts, Blazers and Jackets.


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